A few times a year, I donate my time, efforts, and artwork to some very worthwhile causes:  Legacy Land Trust,  Food Bank of Larimer County / Neighbor to Neighbor, and this year, the local hospital foundation’s Cancer Center.

The Food Bank has a wonderful benefit called The Taste- where basically you wander around a lovely ballroom with wine glass in hand, tasting lots of incredible food samples from local restaurants and caterers.

As part of the evening there is a silent auction- including plates that have been decorated by local artists, and this year- birdhouses.  (Since one of the beneficiaries is a non-profit that helps with low income housing.)

Like painting the transformer cabinets, this is not my normal artistic medium, but it lets me indulge my hidden whimsical decorative demons.   (this one kind of matches my transformer since I used the same paint…). here’s how it went.

Spring and Hayden’s “Creation”

will be sung by the Larimer Chorale on May 2 in Fort Collins. They are going to project images of artwork on screens during the performance, relating to the sections of the music.
They are also doing a fundraiser art silent auction for the first time, so another opportunity for me to use my small paintings for a good purpose. This is the one that is going to be in the show at the Lincoln Center…. it relates to the creation of the mountains.

Owl Canyon - oil on masonite - 1999 9x12

I remember painting this when my friend Jane Clark and I were out on one of our several painting expeditions. (Jane has been connected for years with the Legacy Land Trust, to whom I have also donated art work for their silent auction shows.) I am gradually making a dent in the large stock of small paintings from my past that were starting to overwhelm me!
Larimer Chorale is using the same model as the land trust, in giving their artists half of the proceeds if the work is purchased. Also, they are generously giving us two tickets to the event. Nice!!