Does this painting make my studio look big?

IMG_0172As mentioned in the previous post, my next project was a commission for the soon to be finished Exempla St. Joseph Hospital in Denver.   Earlier this year, they accepted submissions from artists for 10 very prominent large spaces on each floor of the building.

The thought of doing something that large (to fit a 14 foot niche) was a bit daunting, but I charged ahead. My idea used blue vines of various shades that swooped up and down across the expanse of 11 feet.   When the large committee had finished voting, my idea was in the semi final round, which meant there was a good chance that I would have some kind of art included in their project. It turned out to be the big one!

So, after some official correspondence, I ordered up some nicely made birch panels, and set to work.   Fortunately, I had some lag time to think about what my strategy would be for working on something this large-  would it fit on my wall? (Check!), should I mix up mass quantities of the major colors ?(check! cat food cans with those handy plastic lids), and would I have enough time to develop all these things in layers and not feel rushed? (check!).     So, here’s a very time lapsed view into how all this went down.  “Blue Vine Dance” to be delivered by early December.

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I’m glad I challenged myself to do something that was new and a step up, and very grateful that it will be in a setting where lots of people will experience it, and hopefully find it relaxing and engaging.

On the road… and back

It’s been a while since I was in the studio for days on end… seems I injured my meniscus, and hamstring while stretching and jogging-  didn’t feel too good to stand and work for a while.  As someone who is NOT used to being unable to move around normally, it was a large drag, and humbling.   I also had to rehab enough to take a trip with my daughter, so now that the memories of beach sunsets are beginning to fade, I will be getting back in gear here.  Walking in the sand was very good for the tweaked muscles though.

by the gulf of Mexico

I have heard back from a few art consultants, after mailing out my 52 packets, so that’s a good start.  Keeping thoughts positive on that front.

•  •  •  •

Also came up with my design for the Art in Public Places commission that I will do this summer  –  Painting on metal electrical transformer cabinets to prevent rampant graffiti.  

I’m going with the cupcake / party idea, so lots of patterns on gifts and baked goods!

Hope it will be fun to do.

•   •   •

and today,

started to get some new stretchers ready for a group of new paintings-

life is good


unglamorous now, but soon to be transformed

this spring/summer I’ll be working on another Art in Public Places project in Fort Collins. For several years, various artists have been painting on the cabinets that house high power electric transformers around the city. It’s actually meant to cut down on graffiti activity, preventing a lot of expense in priming and repainting.
They prime the boxes any color we want, and then we go to town. It’s a real change of pace for me- working outside, with acrylics, on a cube! So, it makes me think in flatter, more decorative terms, and this year, I’m thinking cupcakes and gift wrapped packages- it’s a birthday party!   Or maybe something more truly abstract and non-objective….?  Haven’t decided yet.

Will post pics when it’s finished.