taking matters into my own hands…

Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to show and sell my work through various venues, both traditional and not so much. This often meant being flexible when something went away, or my own situation changed.

bunny says, “go for it!”

So when my brick and mortar gallery avenue began to disappear due to retirements or closings, I started exploring the on-line gallery idea. One nice aspect of this was my ability to be more in charge of my own inventory, set my own prices and make original work very affordable for people who might not be experienced collectors or have a big bank account.

There were sites that worked fairly well for me, and lots of work found homes this way. . . but things shifted again.

So- to remedy this situation, I am going to organize and rework the collections on this blog and add a payment button through Paypal!

There might also be a different look to the site, and I am figuring out things on the back end. But just wanted to let those of you following me (or just discovering me) what to look for in the near future. Here’s to collecting artworks direct from the artist!

Looking for a special present for your Valentine?

Night Alley, charcoal ©Nanci Erskine

 I‘ve loaded my Big Cartel shop up with all sorts of beautiful drawings. In subjects ranging from recent Colorado vines, scenes from time spent in Italy when I taught there, and landscapes from Eastern Washington.  Let’s just say I’ve lived and/or drawn in a few different places!

AND- here’s the big bonus for reading this far down the page…..

if you are looking for original works on paper, you can also get a discount of 20% !! Through February 16.

Just enter “sweetiepie”  when it asks for code on the payment page on Big Cartel.  All purchases are securely done through a Paypal merchant account. So share the ART LOVE, and take a look at what I’ve got in my store so far.  I promise quick shipping!  Also have paintings at my UGallery site. Just look for the two buttons to the right, and get there easy peasy!

More topics coming soon-  now back to your regular programming….

Just call me the online queen