Beets me….

some might dread the coming of winter-

a few weeks of CSA beets waiting for attention

me, I’m actually looking forward to fewer little tasks that need attention-

like harvesting the last of the garden, remodeling the bathroom, and the end of an interesting but time-consuming contract job. Gives me itchy fingers just thinking about it.

In other words… more time in the studio ahead. Why do I get myself involved in so many other things that distract and dilute me?  Can I not say “no” to an opportunity to replenish the bank account, gain satisfaction from doing things myself….hmmm…I like a challenge and being handed a big project.

But the down side is that I’m uber organized, and that translates into sleepless nights occasionally.  The curse of being able to look ahead  I did just read that the optimum amount of sleep women need to live the longest is 6 hours a night- just anecdotal I’m sure, but it gives me some bizarre comfort!  My pledge for the year starting November 10 and thereafter is to only do things that help my art, help my physical health, and help my happiness quota!

(by the way- baked them, and shredded them, made borscht, and might even pickle some!)