it’s the simple stuff


This has absolutely nothing to do with painting or art… but when I was leaving the studio today, I felt so happy to hear my husband was going to whip up some pizza from scratch – including the crust he makes. Sometimes, it’s the little things. At the time, we had just had a whopping rainstorm move across town, and apparently there was a tornado warning too. Good thing I work in a turn-of-the-century former post office that is built like a fortress!
Almost finished with the brown painting. For some reason, I felt the need to begin to open it up with more light areas, but then the whole point of having the focus in the middle, swirling around got kind of lost. So, that meant, going back into the areas around the edges again, and putting leaves and stems back in. Frankly this is a summary description of how my paintings usually go. Put it in, take it out, sand it down, rethink, paint over it, and finally noodle around. Repeat several times.
My favorite days to paint are Sunday and Monday. The building is closed, and I can leave the door to the studio open, just hang out in a chair outside and look at what I’ve been doing from more of a distance. Plus, Sunday, I love listening the Speaking of Faith and the Splendid Table on public radio. This has always been the case, that I work better listening to talk sometimes, rather than music. Used to be Diane Rhem in D.C., now, it’s things like the above programs, or podcasts of The Moth- really cool stories people tell in front of alive audience without notes.
p.s. – just had dinner- yum

will post new work and reorganize pages soon – promise!


is the new name I have assigned to the season we are currently experiencing in Colorado. Almost April, and we are getting a nice solid blizzard… which is a good thing in terms of alleviating the drought and low moisture, but is very strange when we were just out on this same deck four days ago in shorts, sunscreen and soaking up the 78ยบ weather…..

the chairs have "snow cushions!"

the chairs have “snow cushions!”

I guess we will amuse ourselves by watching the netflix selection and giving my daughter a haircut, since she is home for her spring break. It’s also a good thing we live only a few blocks from the fitness center! and can trudge down there to let off steam…
In the studio, I am making more progress on the paintings and will wait to post images when they are finished.
(It’s a bit unnerving to let folks see them in their awkward adolescence.)