the end of this beginning…

Many artists around the country have had the distinct opportunity to participate in a Creative Capital Professional Development Weekend.  And this last weekend was my chance. (big shout-out to Beet Street for bringing in a second annual one)

The presenters, Maureen Huskey, Colleen Keegan, Aaron Landsman, Jackie Battenfield, and Byron Au Yong, were all incredibly generous and helpful- I think everyone felt like they took away quite a bit that was not only useful, but truly personal and meaningful to each participant.

At the wrap-up, Colleen used the expression the “end of the beginning” to refer to our impending activities- filtering all this good stuff, starting to address issues unique to our own practice and moving forward, armed with clearer intentions (can you say “strategic planning?”) and optimism.

As it happens, I have been following “Communicatrix”,  Colleen Wainright’s blog for a while  (although it is much more than that) and today, something arrived in my mailbox with her last in a series of “embracing the tiny” observations.  Coincidence?   I think not.

For my part, I left the two days, filled with new energy to lead myself back to work that was more personal and meaningful to me- something that made me excited to keep moving forward, not something that I assumed would be embraced by a too-specific audience.

I (re) learned that I need to make the work that matters, and then move it out into the world, so the right audience can find it.  I will feel blessed, and I think those finding it will feel fortunate when they do.

What doesn’t totally confuse you makes you stronger…

20120318-145022.jpgas in… making your brain learn new things is a good thing.  My most recent venture is to finally learn how to put together a presentation in the post 35mm slide era.  This does truly make me a relic from another time.

Most of the work I did prior to 2004 is still in slide form and I have to give a power point presentation, for the upcoming Creative Capital workshop…so that means scanning a bunch of images into digital files.

“Why this is child’s play”, you say.  Indeed, my kid was learning how to do this in school.  But, unfortunately, the last time I was a visiting artist/public speaker, they still gave you the option of slides. Now of course, projectors aren’t even being made anymore.

So, I spent an hour or so scanning some older images at the local university library.  A mere drop in the bucket considering the three drawers full that will need my attention later at some point.

What’s your latest brain challenge?

(Instead of powerpoint, I’m going with Keynote, the Mac application that seems to get more votes for being visually elegant and easier to deal with- so far I agree)