putting it on ice…

No studio painting for the last few days… we’ve been enjoying some late winter snow, watching a lot of Olympics, and taking care of my daughter who is home recovering from ACL surgery. The night before her surgery, we watched the women’s downhill racers come crashing down and wondered, “how the heck do they get up and walk after that?”

I’m using the time to put together pieces for a large mailing to art consultants/designers who might be able to place some work in more public and commercial settings. I’m going to burn images on CD’s, and include the nice tear sheet from my page in the Guild Sourcebook.

Now that I am more in charge of my own fate as an artist, with no galleries showing my work, the way forward is up to me. It’s kind of like an Olympic event – training, training, training- put it out there!

The days have largely been filled with shuttling ice back to the room where daughter is confined to bed, making meals and snacks and keeping the machine that pumps the ice water around her knee running on schedule.  In a few days, I’ll get back to the studio again more full time, but for now, I’m trying to enjoy/make use of the time being home.