Pastel Drawings – Small Landscapes

Some invented – some real. All pastel drawings are built with layers of color, protected from rubbing together with workable fixative between each layer. Then a final spray when complete. Same technique that Degas used, only now we have spray cans!

Note: All these pieces are currently available and looking for just the right homes. Please scroll down to find links to purchase. All are priced at $175 which also includes shipping! These smaller drawings on archival paper will be well protected and carefully packed flat, ready for you to frame as you wish. Thanks for having a look.

Evening Walk pastel on tan archival paper 8×5 x 12

Trees Along the Edge . pastel on ochre archival paper, 8×12

Around the Bend, pastel on tan archival paper, 9×12

Up the Hill in Kentucky, pastel on tan archival paper, 12×9

a grassy hillside in autumn at twilight
Been Here Before, pastel on archival black paper . 10×14

Kentucky Hills #1, pastel on tan archival paper 8.5×12

Chewelah Valley, pastel on ochre paper, 12×9
pastel drawing with cabins by a lake and mountains
Cabin By the Lake, pastel on archival ochre paper . 8×12

Evening Walk

8.5×12 pastel on tan paper


Trees Along The Edge

8×12 pastel on ochre paper


Around the Bend

a walk in the park, 9×12 pastel


Up the Hill in Kentucky

12×9 pastel on tan paper. Everything grew really well in this dense moist atmosphere.


Been Here Before

10×14 pastel on black acid free paper. This totally invented scene draws on my memory of walks in the woods or along river banks.


Kentucky Hills #1

I spent a year teaching in a small town, where the hills seemed to loom over the main street.


Chewelah Valley

12×8 pastel on ochre paper.


Cabin By The Lake

8×12 pastel on ochre paper. I spent a year in Eastern Washington state, and found this little lake with summer cabins.


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