Industrial Drawings

This includes a group of drawings originally based on observation of my local grain elevators and cement plants, that became my own fictional landscapes. Some of them are still available, (others are in the sold work file if you’re curious). I will ship well-protected and rolled inside sturdy 4″ tubes. You can mat and frame to look great in your own environment. Scroll down to find ways to purchase.

charcoal and pastel drawing of industrial elements in a landscape with trees
Dangerous Terrain, charcoal and pastel on buff paper, 21 x 29
this fictional landscape has lots of elements to explore. (Unavailable)

Italian Nocturne, charcoal, 15 x 10
Sitting outside at night in a small Italian town

drawing of grain elevators in pastel and gold tempera paint
Golden Grain Elevators pastel, tempera 21 x 30
One of those fictional places with some media experiments.

charcoal and pastel drawing of industrial buildings on grey paper
Relics II, charcoal and pastel on light grey paper, 24.5 x 18
The local riverbank and cement plant were the inspiration for this tangled scene

Loading Zone , graphite, 21 x 24.5
My first studio was located in a grain elevator building- mmmm rolled oats… (unavailable)

charcoal drawing of industrial building in a landscape
Relics III, charcoal and pastel on buff paper, 21 x 21.5
Another invented scene, based on nearby industrial buildings

charcoal drawing of industrial buildings and trees
Relics V, charcoal and pastel, 29 x 21
Industrial buildings and spooky trees- what’s not to love? (SOLD)

charcoal drawing of industrial site near river
Relics , charcoal, 22 x 30
lots of gestural marks in this stormy scene of an industrial site near a river

charcoal drawing of a wall and trees in Italy
Visitation, charcoal, 21.5 x 25
A beautiful wall that I encountered in Italy

Italian Nocturne

15 x 9.5 charcoal


Golden Grain Elevators

21 x 30, mixed media


Relics II

24 x 19 charcoal and pastel


Relics III

21 x 21.5 charcoal



charcoal, 22 x 30



charcoal, 21.5 x 25


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