Figure Drawings

Through the years, as my daughter was growing up, I drew her a lot. This was before the days of cell phones, instagram, and publicly documenting everything one’s kid does. I have quite a collection of kid drawings….and some random self-portraits, etc. thrown in.

charcoal drawing of baby with little teddy bear
In a Chair With a Bear, charcoal, 12 x 10.5

charcoal drawing on blue paper of sleeping leaning baby
Studio Nap, charcoal on blue paper, 21.5 x 18.5
most of the first year was spent hanging out with me while I painted

graphite drawing of dad holding a baby on brown paper
Cuddles, graphite on brown paper, 25 x 19
sweet moment between dad and daughter

charcoal drawing on tan paper of baby
Little Squirmer, charcoal, 17 x 12
always ready to model for me

charcoal drawing of baby in high chair dropping cup
Woops, charcoal, 32 x 24
You know the drill, drop-replace-drop-replace-

pastel drawing of child eating cheerios
Breakfast of Champions, pastel on ochre paper, 8.5 x 12

charcoal drawing of mom in the kitchen with a toddler
Little Helper, charcoal, 24 x 23
just learning to walk

charcoal drawing of baby in playpen by window
Studio Assistant , charcoal on buff Stonehenge, 30 x 22. (unavailable)
many days during grad school, I had company while I worked

charcoal drawing on tan paper of little girl sitting on steps
Drawing on the Porch, charcoal on tan paper, 19 x 14

charcoal drawing of baby sitting in yard
Yardwork, charcoal on buff Stonehenge paper, 21 x 29
the year after grad school involved lots of wood chopping while we were housesitting

drawing of dad chopping wood, with baby in a playpen
Wood Chopping Baby Sitting , charcoal on buff Stonehenge, 22 x 30 (unavailable)
Sometimes you just have to multi-task

charcoal drawing of girl with her dolls
Cranky Baby, charcoal on green pastel paper, 19 x 24. (unavailable)
(that’s actually the name of this doll, which goes “wah wah” when you tip it over)

graphite drawing of sleeping child
Nap Time, graphite on cream Stonehenge paper, 21.5 x 29
always easier to catch them when they’re asleep

charcoal drawing of little girl in the kitchen, stirring cookie dough
Sous Chef, 29 x 19.5 charcoal
What a great thing when your kids want to help you in the kitchen!

charcoal drawing of girl drawing on the floor
Drawing on the Floor, charcoal on tan paper, 9.5 x 12.5

graphite drawing of girl playing with doll house
Home Invasion, graphite on cream rag paper, 18.5 x 13
loved those little people and their farms and houses. (unavailable)

charcoal drawing of girl drawing in a chair
Sketchbook, charcoal, 17 x 12.5
Like mother like daughter
Zoned Out, charcoal on buff paper, 15 x 21
everyone’s kid looks like this watching TV, no?

Couch Potato, charcoal, 18.5 x 24
again, probably watching TV…..!

pastel drawing of girl wearing a rust colored sweater, holding a cat
Lap Cat, pastel, 13 x 9.5
no cats anymore, but still have the memories

graphite (pencil) self portrait
Self-Portrait at 34-ish, graphite, 20 x 16

graphite self portrait of artist holding a pencil
Self Portrait, graphite, 25 x 19
two pencils are better than one?

charcoal drawing of woman in chair blowing up a balloon
Self Portrait w/balloon, charcoal and pastel on grey paper, 25 x 19
although there really was no balloon, just thought I’d add one

charcoal drawing of a nude pregnant model sitting in chair
Dozing While Pregnant, charcoal on buff paper, 29 x 21.
I had the good fortune to have several pregnant models in my classrooms. (unavailable)
charcoal drawing of 2 turtles
Tortoise Pair, charcoal, 13 x 20
drawn from life in Italy, where they are called “tartaruga”. (unavailable)

charcoal drawing of a dead bird
Dead Bird, charcoal on warm paper, 18 x 26. (unavailable)

graphite drawing of a dead deer
Dead Deer, graphite, 26 x 42
hmmm, there seems to be a theme going on here

2 thoughts on “Figure Drawings

  1. Some how I found you through the Google gods from an initial search for another artist, Peter de Francia. I love your work. I use tan Arches with charcoal and graphite. Your work excited me at the possibilities. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks so much for finding me and for your kind comment.
    I’m still in the studio a bit – doing pastel drawings and the occasional print.
    I confess to neglecting my blog in recent months but I should get back at it!
    Best wishes!

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