Figure Drawings

Through the years, as my daughter was growing up, I drew her a lot. This was before the days of cell phones, instagram, and publicly documenting everything one’s kid does. I have quite a collection of kid drawings….and some random self-portraits, etc. thrown in.

charcoal drawing of baby with little teddy bear
In a Chair With a Bear, charcoal, 12 x 10.5

charcoal drawing on blue paper of sleeping leaning baby
Studio Nap, charcoal on blue paper, 21.5 x 18.5
most of the first year was spent hanging out with me while I painted

graphite drawing of dad holding a baby on brown paper
Cuddles, graphite on brown paper, 25 x 19
sweet moment between dad and daughter

charcoal drawing on tan paper of baby
Little Squirmer, charcoal, 17 x 12
always ready to model for me

charcoal drawing of baby in high chair dropping cup
Woops, charcoal, 32 x 24
You know the drill, drop-replace-drop-replace-

pastel drawing of child eating cheerios
Breakfast of Champions, pastel on ochre paper, 8.5 x 12

charcoal drawing of mom in the kitchen with a toddler
Little Helper, charcoal, 24 x 23
just learning to walk

charcoal drawing of baby in playpen by window
Studio Assistant , charcoal on buff Stonehenge, 30 x 22
many days during grad school, I had company while I worked

charcoal drawing on tan paper of little girl sitting on steps
Drawing on the Porch, charcoal on tan paper, 19 x 14

charcoal drawing of baby sitting in yard
Yardwork, charcoal on buff Stonehenge paper, 21 x 29
the year after grad school involved lots of wood chopping while we were housesitting

drawing of dad chopping wood, with baby in a playpen
Wood Chopping Baby Sitting , charcoal on buff Stonehenge, 22 x 30
Sometimes you just have to multi-task

charcoal drawing of girl with her dolls
Cranky Baby, charcoal on green pastel paper, 19 x 24
(that’s actually the name of this doll, which goes “wah wah” when you tip it over)

graphite drawing of sleeping child
Nap Time, graphite on cream Stonehenge paper, 21.5 x 29
always easier to catch them when they’re asleep

charcoal drawing of little girl in the kitchen, stirring cookie dough
Sous Chef, 29 x 19.5 charcoal
What a great thing when your kids want to help you in the kitchen!

charcoal drawing of girl drawing on the floor
Drawing on the Floor, charcoal on tan paper, 9.5 x 12.5

graphite drawing of girl playing with doll house
Home Invasion, graphite on cream rag paper, 18.5 x 13
loved those little people and their farms and houses

charcoal drawing of girl drawing in a chair
Sketchbook, charcoal, 17 x 12.5
Like mother like daughter
charcoal drawing of child sitting in chair
Zoned Out, charcoal on buff paper, 29 x 21
everyone’s kid looks like this watching TV, no?

Couch Potato, charcoal, 18.5 x 24
again, probably watching TV…..!

pastel drawing of girl wearing a rust colored sweater, holding a cat
Lap Cat, pastel, 13 x 9.5
no cats anymore, but still have the memories

graphite (pencil) self portrait
Self-Portrait at 34-ish, graphite, 20 x 16

graphite self portrait of artist holding a pencil
Self Portrait, graphite, 25 x 19
two pencils are better than one?

charcoal drawing of woman in chair blowing up a balloon
Self Portrait w/balloon, charcoal and pastel on grey paper, 25 x 19
although there really was no balloon, just thought I’d add one

charcoal drawing of a nude pregnant model sitting in chair
Dozing While Pregnant, charcoal on buff paper, 29 x 21
I had the good fortune to have several pregnant models in my classrooms
charcoal drawing of 2 turtles
Tortoise Pair, charcoal, 13 x 20
drawn from life in Italy, where they are called “tartaruga”

charcoal drawing of a dead bird
Dead Bird, charcoal on warm paper, 18 x 26

graphite drawing of a dead deer
Dead Deer, graphite, 26 x 42
hmmm, there seems to be a theme going on here

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