Black and White landscapes – large and small

Lots of locations and memories of places lived have inspired my work. Often while I am sitting working near or in them.

All these are available, so if you’re interested in adding original artwork to your surroundings, scroll down to the buttons at the bottom. Larger drawings will be rolled and shipped in a sturdy tube, small ones shipped flat. Thanks for having a look.

graphite drawing looking down at a house with trees and mountains in the distance
Hill Behind Ben’s , graphite, 10.5×8.5
While on a year’s unofficial housesitting gig in Eastern WA

charcoal drawing with small wading pool and trees in a yard
Summer Wading , charcoal on tan paper, 9.5×12
Hot and sticky Kentucky, where a wading pool came in handy.

cypress trees on a hillside
Sentinels, charcoal on white paper, 12×9
A hillside in Sienna, Italy, when I was leading a drawing class there.

Playground Tree, charcoal on tan paper, 10×12.75
A great tree in a favorite playground near our house in Silver Spring, MD

drawing of a steep hill covered in hardwood trees, with a town below
Big Hill, graphite on warm white paper, 19×12
Lookin down our hill to town in Morehead, KY. And yes the hills are that close in.

Kentucky Creek, charcoal on warm white paper, 18.5 x 20.5
Another scene from Kentucky, where I had my first teaching job.
charcoal drawing of apple trees in an orchard on green paper
Apple Orchard, charcoal on green paper, 18×23
An orchard below our house in Kentucky

Garden Shelter, charcoal and pastel on grey paper, 24.5 x 18.5
Structure in a great little arboretum behind the art building in Fort Collins, CO. – SOLD

charcoal drawing of a hillside with trees and a pathway
Farther, charcoal and pastel, 21×29
Totally imagined landscape, just cuz I like making pathways and lots of marks

charcoal drawing of gestural branches and a mass of trees behind
Along the Edge, charcoal on tan laid paper, 9.5 x 24.5
Another made-up place that feels like the edge of a field. It’s the marks again!

Hideout, charcoal, 18×25
Based on somewhere in Maryland, there might have been a gully with a tree to start

charcoal drawing of olive grove in Italy
Olive Grove, charcoal on buff stonehenge, 25 x 21.5
inspired during a 3-week teaching stint in Italy

Behind the House, charcoal on buff paper, 21×24
The view looking down at our temporary home in Eastern WA

Hill Behind Ben’s

graphite 10.5 x 8.5


Summer Wading

charcoal on tan paper 9.5 x 12



charcoal 12 x 9


Playground Tree

charcoal 10×12.75


Big Hill

Graphite, 19 x 12


Kentucky Creek

charcoal, 18.5 x 20.5


Apple Orchard

Charcoal, 18 x 23



charcoal, pastel 21 x 29


Along the Edge

charcoal 9.5 x 24.5



charcoal, 18 x 25


Olive Grove

charcoal on buff stonehenge paper, 25 x 21.5


Behind the House

charcoal, 21 x 24


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