Exempla St. Joseph Hospital, Denver, CO

Blue Vine Dance 2013

A large 3-panel 3×11 foot commission I did for the newly rebuilt St. Joseph Hospital, Denver, CO.

The piece was placed in a large 14 foot long alcove on the Oncology/Medical floor.

There is a nice inviting ledge below each of these display areas on each floor, which invites people to sit and rest. The hospital itself is beautiful, restful and seems very patient/family centered.  Large family lounges with balconies so people can sit at tables outside, massive surgical waiting area with room-like groupings….and beautiful, original artworks throughout.

P1030222 P1030225 P1030224

3 x 11 foot painting of vines

detail of 11 foot mural of blue vines
a closer shot of the right half-

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