Italian Drawings

From a three-week teaching trip to Italy

6 Responses to Italian Drawings

  1. gordon says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and learning more of your spirit which kindles your creativity. I really enjoyed looking at your drawings above. Very refreshing! Good luck on your studio. I should mention I had rotator cuff surgery last year after enduring the pain for over 10 months. I can understand what you were writing about. Hope you are enjoying your sink. Hi to Alan.


  2. paintlater says:

    Beautiful drawings, you have a lovely gentleness about them. Cheers Sue

    • nerskine says:

      Thanks Sue- what a nice surprise to have you stop by. And I appreciate your comments. You have just reminded me that I should be perusing artists’ blogs more, (cuz I read yours and enjoyed it!) and also finish posting more drawings. Cheers back at ya!

  3. Michelle Achee says:

    Love these, especially “Gate”, they are absolutely beautiful.

    • nerskine says:

      thanks Michelle- appreciate your comment. I’m remembering that I meant to post a whole lot more drawings on this page! Better get busy!

  4. eightdecades says:

    Very good offering of insight into your wide and sensitive observations. The array of postings above express well the person behind the pencil. (or charcoal) It is a nice display of onsite sketching, and capturing the feeling of the moment. It comes through nicely.
    Saw your site in the abundant artist online.
    I too am finding my through this new format, (perhaps a mentor is out there)
    John (pentalk on line) eightdecades on wordpress. Bye and I will return

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