…. it’s just like you’re here!

Things are different this year for certain. Now you’re invited over for a virtual studio tour!

Thanks to the City of Fort Collins for organizing this.

I’ll be updating the work that’s available in my studio, so check back in the coming weeks.

In the meantime….

 I’m happy to take credit cards, either through this site, or over the phone. You can pickup at my house, or I will happily deliver items within a 5 mile radius.

Plus- here’s a sampling of linocut/watercolor notecards ($4) that are available in the gift shop at the Fort Collins Museum of Art

Please get in touch with any questions.

Also available through my studio or the Fort Collins Art Museum gift shop:

A variety of lino/watercolor prints. Each one unique, and matted for you to put into a standard 8×10 inch frame of your choice. $10 each.

Let me know if you’d like to look through my collection. I have a box full of these at home.

3 thoughts on “STUDIO TOUR…?

    1. Hi Lynn-
      I think they will have it up by day’s end. I kind of jumped the gun a little and will probably edit my post when I have a link.
      Hope you’ve been doing OK during the crazy times we’ve had…..

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