Art Touring…..

this past weekend was the

Fort Collins Studio Tour

little vine linocut - 4.5 x 5
little vine linocut – 4.5 x 5

For the third year, folks got a glimpse into life in my basement workspace.   (I’ve been at this for over 25 years, so I have quite a selection of oil paintings, ink wash drawings,  lino cut prints and calendars and monotypes, and other works on paper) 

I believe people should be able to buy and live with original fine art – so  I try to make smaller things as affordable as possible, (and I never make reproductions of my work.)  This also gave me a chance to describe how easy it is to “do it yourself”  frame all the pieces that I have matted.  I do all my own matting, and shrink-wrapping,  and framing, so it doesn’t seem that intimidating to me.

People seemed curious about the prints- monotypes, etc.   I enjoyed explaining how I use the press (or not) depending on the plate or thickness.   The linoleum prints were produced by lots of rubbing and a trusty wooden spoon.

And lots of people were admiring my lovely Griffin press as well.  It is a thing of beauty!

Once again, I was struck by the support of other artists, in addition to new collectors. I appreciate that out of 51 stops, people singled me out for a visit.

Work finds homes . . . the artist feels validated . . . all is right with the world!

2 thoughts on “Art Touring…..

  1. I enjoy it very much when others find joy in their sharing art. good that you have your art to share and a desire to do it. Somehow it lifts us all when one shares.

    1. Thanks for your comment. This event is kind of a crap shoot. You never know how much traffic you’ll get, since there are 50 stops spread all over our city in one weekend.
      I find that I feed off the energy and curiosity of visitors, and it’s fun to meet new folks who stop by because they
      specifically want to see my work and studio set up. It’s also possible to have extended conversations and really connect with people doing this. Even though I charge a lot less than what my former gallery used to price my work, it’s more rewarding in a sense to see how people connect with a piece and be able to send it off to a new home. And….now, after three days of intense interaction, I am happy to lay low again.

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