Paintings off the Wall- Don’t try this at home

This falls in the “arghhhhh” category.
Sometimes we try things, and they don’t prove successful.
Back when I was feeling a need to recommit to painting again, I thought I’d go big, and get out of a rut. I had just seen some gallery shows where work was displayed directly on the wall, in various ways, unframed . Suspended, from an artful rod, attached with magnets, attached directly to the wall..etc. The result was, I began to think that perhaps I could conceive of doing some paintings that wouldn’t begin with the usual process of banging stretchers together, stretching canvas, and priming it.
It was kind of liberating to just staple a large expanse of canvas on the wall and work directly on it. I thought of perhaps binding the edges in some way or sewing tabs on the top edge, hanging it from a unique rod of some kind.
But, somehow, the scale of these pieces, didn’t work flat on the wall.
So, after the fact, I decided to stretch already existing paintings. Not my favorite thing to do. But in the end, it will be a better result.P1020689 Too bad some of the P1020691painting is now wrapped around the edge and no P1020692longer visible- but I’m going to remedy that.P1020693

Perhaps some time in the future, I’ll work on paper and/or do something creative about hanging or displaying them. For now, this seems like the better way to go.

P.S.  Frankly, I feel somewhat annoyed that I couldn’t make this work in some new way, and it’s a nuisance to stretch an already existing painting.  They just don’t like being bent around a 45degree angle. It doesn’t look as finished as if I started out stretching plenty of canvas to wrap around the back.  So, now I have to slap on a frame or something to make it look  finished.  Next time, more deliberation, or leaving a bigger margin all around! Silly me.    What have you tried that didn’t quite pan out?

2 thoughts on “Paintings off the Wall- Don’t try this at home

  1. Hello- I have visited your site several times now, and decided I really like your work. I spent an hour looking at your vines. I could feel the brush work, and the hours of wandering through nature shapes that you have done, to me when a painting begins to feel rather than look it has reached its best self. Really nice work. I will be back for more. Oh I like your writing too!

    1. Thanks so much. I really like how you verbalize the difference between a painting that has the look of something, vs. one that has more depth and history. I do indeed “wander” through these a lot and always have. So much reworking and rethinking, but that’s the only way I think you arrive at painting, rather than making pictures. Whether they all get to be their “best selves”- who knows. But the best self I can make them at the time. (which is why sometimes they go up on a wall at home, and are still subject to changes.)

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