Looking for a special present for your Valentine?

Night Alley, charcoal ©Nanci Erskine

 I‘ve loaded my Big Cartel shop up with all sorts of beautiful drawings. In subjects ranging from recent Colorado vines, scenes from time spent in Italy when I taught there, and landscapes from Eastern Washington.  Let’s just say I’ve lived and/or drawn in a few different places!

AND- here’s the big bonus for reading this far down the page…..

if you are looking for original works on paper, you can also get a discount of 20% !! Through February 16.

Just enter “sweetiepie”  when it asks for code on the payment page on Big Cartel.  All purchases are securely done through a Paypal merchant account. So share the ART LOVE, and take a look at what I’ve got in my store so far.  I promise quick shipping!  Also have paintings at my UGallery site. Just look for the two buttons to the right, and get there easy peasy!

More topics coming soon-  now back to your regular programming….

Just call me the online queen

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