A grateful season

a painting that was started, but I only saved part of it….

Wow. 2012,

you delivered some mixed blessings- natural disasters up the wazoo, gun psycho-violence,  a never ending election season…..balanced by incredible generosity, personal strength and grace, and beautiful Colorado surroundings.

Before I retreat into the studio for the winter, here are some (mostly art-wise) things that make me glad and thankful this year.  I read somewhere that it is impossible to feel thankful and be depressed at the same time.

  • Got through a funky period, wondering whether I should keep making more work…adding to the “stuff” in the world, not knowing if there was a place for it other than my basement storage racks.
  • Spent a weekend with some great fellow artists at a Creative Capital workshop.
  • Got the basement up and running as a studio .
  • I recommitted to just painting because I love it- and began following my instincts again.
  • Had a lovely flower/vegetable garden from March – October  (a certain aesthetic appeal)
  • Signed up to do the yearly local studio tour for the first time. (always good to have a goal propelling you forward)
  • Sold some work to friends and new acquaintances.
  • Kaiser-Permanente bought a painting to hang in their new clinic.
  • Saw some great, inspiring exhibits in San Francisco and Denver.
  • My work was shown in Denver in two juried shows.
  • Had a two person show with a friend at a local venue.
  • Began working on unstretched canvas on the wall.

So… thanks to all the individuals who gave me a push this year,  or added to the dialogue.

And….thanks to those of you this year who generously gave my work a new home in your home or business.  Specifically:  Jane (from K.P.) , Lynne, Laurie, Maddie, Stacey, Lee, Amalia, Pat, Lori,  and Ed.  It was my best year yet, since I’ve been in charge of selling my own work.

I’m looking ahead to the “Scapes” show at Studio 12 in Denver this coming spring, and of course….the Fort Collins Studio Tour in the summer!

And of course the leftover turkey!

4 thoughts on “A grateful season

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Nanci! Like Laurie, I always look forward to reading your studio news – you write with an honest voice and I am always inspired by your paintings!

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