finally figured it out….

feet up on the back deck

The best schedule for me is….. First breakfast, next quick tour of the garden and some watering, then cardio/treadmill work out, + or – weights,  then paint, then late lunch, then swim later afternoon, then dinner, then my Olympics fix or other fun. Maybe even more painting in the PM.

Now that I’ve finally found my new favorite running shoes -( kind of semi minimalist Saucony Kinvara)- this 60+ artist is again trying to embark on a running routine. When it’s cooler out this fall, I want to hit the open road/trails.  But, I realized that If I wait until I’ve been standing for several hours painting, my knees are not too happy to run.

This is a good AM activity, when the muscles are warmed up, but a little fresher and less stiff.

You might think that this has not much to do with painting- but being relaxed and clear-headed is one of the great benefits of exercising.  Most of people’s inspirations probably come when they are walking or doing something or other that is physical. (OK maybe in the shower too)  But the state of relaxed attention is a prime one to be in. You kind of know it when you don’t feel it.

2 thoughts on “finally figured it out….

  1. As an age contemporary of yours, I can relate to your desire for sourcing optimal footwear! Makes a huge difference to what we can do and how readily we can do it. It took me a long time to figure this one out, but I’m now a believer. Enjoy your footwear and your schedule. What will we all do once the Olympic games are over?

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