Innovative Atmospheres

I haven’t shown my work locally too much during the 19 years I’ve lived here.  But, it seems like my strategy this year is to connect with local folks more,  to show them what exists in their own back yard.

There’s been a lot of talk in my community lately about Creativity- how to attract it, how to mentor it,  and how to engage the whole community around it.  To that end, Fort Collins is the home of the regional Arts Incubator– an upcoming experiment in boosting the profile and success of artists and creative thinkers in several Western states.  Another exciting organization- The Rocky Mountain Innosphere  – is a local entity where fledgling businesses can develop their products and ideas with help from advisors and investors.  The building itself is built to take advantage of solar energy- (panels on the roof of a parking shelter) and collegial collaborative energy (lots of gathering places and small meeting rooms).  The building is set against a creek, with trees, lots of outdoor areas to gather and secure bike parking to encourage 2-wheeled commuting.

Rather than be satisfied with plain boring walls, they have interiors that excite with color, and also now display original art by local professionals.

My paintings are now placed in several locations-  When you enter the building, a small cafe area now has a vine painting instead of a flat screen monitor.

“Blue Arch” 28×42 oil ©Nanci Erskine   Now in the collection of Kaiser Permanente, CO

a couple of small ones are placed above drinking fountains, (a great little location, since everyone needs a little hydration during the day.)

left – “Midnight Tangle” 12×12 oil center- “Green Vines” 36×40 oil right-“geranium/ brown 12×12 oil

Three grace a hallway on the second floor,  right near the elevator.

and if you are a visiting adviser, you will be sitting here….

“Purple Evening Vines” 34×42 oil ©Nanci Erskine

thanks to all concerned for appreciating the work, and I hope it adds some inspiration to your day!

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