raging fires and other distractions

nothing like a 46,000  83,000 plus acre fire next door to take your mind off other activities.  (And this was even before the horrendous fire in Colorado Springs, and another in Boulder….. will it ever stop?)

Seeing the immense clouds of smoke, and knowing several people who have been displaced/evacuated, and constantly hearing about it on the news, just tends to make any other tasks seem rather frivolous by comparison.

Despite the record heat in town, (102 degrees) and the faint odor of smoke on Sunday, there were loyal art fans making the rounds of more than 35 venues in town over the weekend.  I was thrilled to meet some nice new appreciators and have some friends drop by.  Some of the work on the walls went home with new owners.  And I ate way too many chocolate chip cookies!

The living room was turned into a gallery
smaller vine paintings on the wall where I usually do drawing
this is the wall I normally paint on (hence the plastic covering it)
Newer series is hanging on the right side, and painting in progress temporarily at the bottom.
View toward the end of the room, after you come down the stairs. Storage, press, and desk area behind shelves to the right.

Here’s some views for a  virtual tour…

2 thoughts on “raging fires and other distractions

  1. Glad the studio tour still happened and was a success in spite of the fires and heat. Thanks for showing the photos, gave me a better idea of the whole body of your work. Would have been great to be in the midst of it, enjoying and discussing.

    1. definitely! Kind of like when we used to have reviews in our studios and everyone would troop through and chat. It’s especially nice when you’re working in relative isolation and want some input. Hope you are doing well with heat waves, or storms or whatever is going on up there!

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