Drawings Will Make an Appearance During Studio Tour


That’s right- I may be listed as a painter in the studio tour brochure- but, holy moly, I have a lot of drawings that have been piling up over the years. Some of these earned my Colorado Council on the Arts Fellowship, some have been exhibited in several venues around the country.   But they don’t want to stay in my flat file anymore.

These won’t be framed, to keep the cost down to those looking for that special something to add to their walls.   But- I will have lots of tips on inexpensive framing, (and perhaps some coupons to share) and the buyer gets to dictate the final look.

During all the years that I taught primarily in the drawing area, I had so little free time for painting, drawing was something I could start, and go back to more easily. The process seems to lend itself to short bursts of concentration, and I sometimes even drew with my classes.   Both as a demonstration, but also to model how physically active a process it truly was. (see my earlier post on erasing)

So, people can have an original piece of work for….. not too much!
I’m thinking 100 buckaroos or less!  Does this do a disservice to artists to “undervalue” my work?  Or does it mean more local folks can afford to acquire something unique?  We shall see.  I’m sort of beyond fretting about issues like that.  
As the saying goes, “you can’t take it with you”, and I have been in a serious down-sizing mode for a while.

This won’t happen again any time soon.
The drawings want to go out in the world and find new homes!
Come see them June 23 and 24th in my studio.

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