Indulge me in some plans /promises to keep…

1. more drawings but about generally tangled environments (perhaps not specifically vines?)

2. keep researching and contacting new potential gallery prospects… thought I was done with this avenue, but I might want to reconsider if the fit is right, and it’s closer to me than Seattle was.

3. not get involved in activities that don’t in some way directly feed the studio work (sorry- no more birdhouses for charity, or decorated transformer cabinets)

4.maintain and increase contacts with art consultants who might help me find a niche- I’m thinking medical / hospitality…

5. do the annual studio tour in Fort Collins.  Since giving up my more public studio space downtown, there are probably some folks who are curious about what I’ve been up to- plus who doesn’t love a deadline to get cranking on new pieces? More on that later.

6. cook more with bacon-man! have you tasted that Black Forest variety at Whole Foods?

OK, maybe this comes from last night’s bacon-wrapped blue cheese filled dates at Cafe Vino, with Barb Gilhoolyand Ayn Hanna– stellar Fort Collins artists.  Check them out!

2 thoughts on “Indulge me in some plans /promises to keep…

  1. Yeah! Pen’s coming over tomorrow to work on some materials for exhibit proposals, and I’ll bring it up with her. We’ll make it happen sooner rather than later!

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