I did it my way.

During the recent week winding down after holiday festivities we got it together to drive up to Wyoming for a little xc skiing. I don’t think I even made it up last year – maybe my knee was still a little funky from the running injury.
It’s always interesting to go up to the area called “happy jack”, since you approach it from a typically dry and brown I-80, and it looks as if there will be no snow to play in until you round the bend and pull into the parking lot.
Suddenly, you see into the woods and there is plenty of the white stuff to ski on. Along with copious wind!
Opening the car door without it ripping off the hinges proved quite challenging. 20120107-142249.jpg

Once we’d schussed around for an hour or so and stopped for a handful of almonds I looked over and saw this pair of aspen trees and was immediately struck by the contrast in how they had grown-one so straight and conventional-the other going here and there as it reached a similar height… Like it couldn’t quite decide which direction or perhaps got distracted several times along the way.
I had to have a picture to remind me that we all have our own individual path and mine is what it should be.
I might sometimes think I’ve been derailed or distracted by other events, but there is still a direction.

It’s been interesting to hear from other artists how much they are looking forward to this new year as a time to refocus and renew their practice. Me too.


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