here’s someone you should know about….

“Thistle” © Penelope Sartori, 2011

My friend, Penelope Sartori makes beautiful dream-like photographs but that’s the short version of the story.

I was happy to have several of her images in the benefit show I just hung, and even happier that they all sold.  I think more people need to see the quality of what some people in my small city are up to in their studios.  Sure, there are the local over-exposed “art stars”- but,  then there are what I would call the quieter, more modest, hidden practitioners.

Trying to carve out  time to make what feels like work with true integrity, depth and poetry to it.  Pen is such a person.  Does she have a website? no.  Does she blog? no.

She has worked hard for many years. She will jump at the opportunity to help almost anyone.  She has a heart as big as a Colorado Blue Spruce.  Give this woman a break I say!

She uses film, and then paints on the images after they are printed. She sees the incredible beauty in her garden and patches of growing things.   Did I tell you she uses film?   No computers, no giclee on freaking canvas wraps… the real deal.

Thank you Pen.

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