the art of putting together an art show

part of the 126 pieces that I was trying to make "cohere"- early in the process

I’ve hung other shows before, even did a majority of the work hanging this one….. but it is daunting to have a specific space, and way more work than optimal to fill it.

Such is the nature of fundraising/silent auction-type shows.   You are not truly curating, not jurying, so it can be a very mixed bag in terms of subject matter/framing/ you name it.

So the task is to make something that looks attractive, while putting it all on the walls.

For some reason, certain themes started to emerge in this group- there were the bird people, the aspen people, the cow/steer/wildlife people, the more abstract subjective landscape people, the traditional realist people…. hmmm am I missing anyone?

Anyway, I managed to find several affinity groups of styles/subjects.  This was handy, since the show spreads through a large main gallery and two small off-shoot spaces.

did I mention it is to benefit a local non-profit land trust?  I also only had two days to hang the work.  Phew.

In a way- it’s tiring, but easier to go at it alone.  With no interruptions (good luck there) and eventually, you find your way.  And… the whole process from sending out the first info to artists to promoting to designing ads and a gallery guide catalog to making sure the wine is poured is all important.

Coordinating other artists gave me new appreciation for people who do this all the time, and also makes me want to stay organized, dependable and professional when on the other side of the picture.

Looking forward to getting my own studio life back in a couple of weeks!

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