it’s all in a name

So… for the last year or so, I keep coming  across the word “eponymous” – particularly when referring to designers’ and creative folks’ companies or lines of products……

(seems like everyone and their cousin is a “designer” of some kind now- it appears to also involve a lot of celebrity types)

I consider my vocabulary to be pretty broad, but it’s not a word I’ve ever used, and yet I kept seeing it.   (Assuming it meant- widely available, or well-known, or popular)…. How come I got this far in life and have never used this word?   Frankly, I’m getting tired of seeing it being used as a descriptor.

So today, I came across it again, and decided to finally look it up –

who knew it just meant a thing named after a person!  So instead of people saying “self-named  –  or even not bothering to always qualify the subject – it’s the go-to word.  Might mean that more people have started little businesses named after themselves…..

hey, come to think of it, my art business is “eponymous!” Yikes

Perhaps everyone is so consumed with marketing themselves and what they do, that they want to make sure you know how to find them!

Mea culpa… but please!  Do not ever refer to what I do as eponymous!

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