I am not a “daily painter”, I just try and paint daily

a beginning - work in progress- got smart and put plastic on the wall where I work- never occurred to me before

you know… those artists who whip out a painting every day.   Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some great paintings done rather quickly, and have even done a series of smaller pieces, perhaps at least one a day?   But as a long term thing-  nah.

Good discipline to try for a while- it’s just- if this is your habit, how can you ever know what it’s like to tackle something larger, more involving, more challenging? How can you always be so easily satisfied?  If your aim is to get a picture of something, or just a daily product  – well then  -fine.

Since moving the studio home, I’ve done some drawing, weeding out of slides, pulling things out of sketchbooks and filing them-

    (this way, I know where to find images of specific subjects)…

contacting contacts, and started a new vine painting.  Something in me says perhaps I might be moving on to something different, but I won’t know unless it comes from the work itself.

Also found Lynda Barry’s book “Picture This” which has some funny/tough/good advice about drawing and literally moving through tough times with a brush in hand.  More on that later…….she’s a hoot and definitely a survivor.

2 thoughts on “I am not a “daily painter”, I just try and paint daily

  1. I like your philosophy. I think that most of the battle is often just to keep working. Once I get in the habit, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a long intricate work or a sort of fast food quick painting. The joy is in the work and in keeping working.

    1. Maybe cuz I came up through a midwest influenced work ethic- at Iowa it seemed that the process of engaging with the painting over time was highly valued. The distinction between a painter and an “artiste”…? I remain deeply skeptical of the quick flashy surface.
      Really appreciate the quirky sense of humor and reference to 40’s and 50’s culture in your work!

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