Fort Collins Studio Tour

Wayyyyy too hot to paint outside on the public art project.
I know- I’m a wimp- but since I can’t sleep well, getting up early enough to put in a few hours has been a challenge to say the least. That’s OK. Rode my bike around to see what’s up in a few studios of friends/acquaintances around town. The studio tour in Ft. Collins used to be organized by the local “contemporary”art museum, and just made a reappearance this year. I was not too keen on signing up since my studio had just moved home, and I kind of saw this as just another First Friday multiplied. ie: Art tourism. Some nice interactions, but nothing too tangible to show for all the time, effort, money spent. OK- I’m a cynic- so kill me.

But it did allow me to pop in and see the working space of several people I’d lost touch with.
Elizabeth Morrisette’s lovely above-garage space, with a great little deck off the side, accessed by a spiral staircase.
She’s an inspiration for recycling in creative ways!
Then it was on to check in with Susan Sternlieb. Spirited platters and serving dishes with unique hand stamped and colored designs. And before heading home, Carole Hossan who has some lovely rabbit themed watercolor/ink wash pieces, as well as her incredible calligraphy on display.
It’s always intriguing to see how others mesh (or don’t) their working/studio life into the home. Anne Bossert and Micheal Allison were the most obvious examples. They both work at home, and there seemed to be a seamless integration of their work and home decor/environment.
Loved the colorful walls too! Nice work everyone!

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