mmmmmmm meatballs

Nothing to do with painting or studio life- (although one must eat to paint!)

Very much looking forward to the Ikea coming near Denver later in the summer.
Shopping and Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam- here’s what lunch looked like in Tampa when I was there with my daughter last year…. on the same trip I bought a great steel magnetic knife holder- only to get some very pointed questions from airport security when they looked in my carry-on!

In studio news- I’m currently taking inventory of all small (16″ and under) paintings and will putting them up on Zatista soon.  All at very reasonable prices.  I can’t quite fathom the people who do little oil paintings and then sell them for 50 or 75 dollars on this site- the commission is 30% and Zatista prides itself on showing only artists who do original work, etc.   It sort of devalues the notion of what it takes to make a good oil painting!

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