2011 APP transformer cabinets

I’ve got another transformer cabinet mural assignment for the Art in Public Places program this summer.

This time, which I think will be my last go’round, I’m going to do some images that have a lot more to do with what I am really interested in painting…. the site is by the railroad tracks, with a bike path, and the street is named Redwing Rd….. so this gives me a chance to do something tangled, layered, overgrown, etc. and throw in a few birds as well.  When I’ve ridden my bike on the outskirts of town, the blackbirds are often right by the road, perching on the tall grass or reeds, yodeling their song.

here’s a couple sketches- the small one below is a cube about 34″ on a side, and the other cabinet  is about 50″ tall and 39″ wide.  That one will have shades of brown, ochre, and blue… sort of an autumn/winter season.

sides 1 and 2 of small cabinet / color rendering
large cabinet, side 4

This might be the last year I have it in me to do this project, (crouching for long hours in the hot sun) but I am intrigued to see if I can bring the way I work in oils into this project.  Lots of freehand layering of grasses and reed and cattails.  I’ll post more pictures later after I start working on them.

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