Chinese funeral processions, people spinning around in hoops, all normal for San Francisco

A few weeks ago, I was out in California for a family visit, and a side trip into San Francisco. As it happened, the Chinese New Year celebration was just getting started with a Flower Festival around Grant St. Thousands of people were cramming the streets, gongs and cymbals were banging. We kind of got caught in the traffic, and were being diverted around a small neighborhood park, when alongside our car, there appeared a procession of musicians playing trumpets and a drum,  a hearse with a large photo on top of it, and a security escort.  It felt like we were in Italy, or New Orleans, not the middle of Chinatown!  Here’s what was really going on…..

Just another day in a wonderfully diverse city…
the night before, while at the DeYoung Museum, they were setting up for a free opera recital, and part of the entertainment seemed to be guys who were rolling around and dancing in and out of a giant hoop!

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