Wear and tear, here and there

Well, it’s another year, and I have some ideas for what that might mean. Including progress in the work, marketing it more, and dealing with a chronic shoulder problem that is frankly not helped by wailing away on canvas on a wall with a paintbrush.  (this is not my xray, since I had to give it back to doc, but I have one of my own- really!)

As with my earlier knee issue, I got a great evaluation and exercises from a PT at the Orthopedic Center of the Rockies, it always amazes me to learn about muscle imbalances, and how our bodies compensate, and then things get out of wack pretty quickly!  Here’s hoping I can help myself get stronger and more balanced.

I used to figure it was just an occupational hazard that drawing and painting for almost 35 years would take its toll. And all those years demonstrating in classes- drawing with my whole arm! Add to that 40 years of driving manual transmission cars- lots of shifting there……

Think of all the painters through history who have kept working through all manner of physical infirmities and illnesses!  At least now, we can diagnose and treat problems, and perhaps keep working.

Speaking of working…I’m still working on a few last large paintings, then I want to turn my attention to drawing again. I brought my lovely oak easel into the studio, even though it’s a rather cramped space. And it will be nice to get back into the rhythm and tools of drawing.

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