Searching for Vines…..

Curious that a lot of people doing searches end up here because they are interested in vines- paintings of, drawings of, etc. I wonder if people are inspired by what I do, try and copy it, want ideas for murals on restaurant walls…. who knows.
Wonder if the same is true of other specific themes in two dimensional art.
Anyway- this subject is what still fascinates me. . . with ongoing permutations.

I’m currently finishing up a few more larger pieces, (one that got redone from an earlier version- one of my vices- reworking) and one of my resolutions / promises to myself is to update the images and pages here. It’s a good resource to use as a quick reference for consultants, etc.

We finally got some snow, and colder temperatures, and now when I go in to paint, the studio building is suffering from funky old boilers, and not much heat.
Frankly, my former studio was even more primitive, and I needed my own auxiliary heat source. But, now that the busy holidays are past, I feel a fresh necessity to get in there and keep some momentum going. Brought in some drawing paper to put on the walls, and I decided to renew my lease.
There’s no telling what the new year might hold in store!

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