happy thanksgiving accidents

during the last week or so, I have been more in my painting life, which has felt just perfect, thank you. Today, I was working away  on one painting, thinking it would be nice to have some more dense areas on either side to compress the space more into the center…. if you’re a visual person, you’ll understand what I mean….and at the end of the day, put up a diptych that I had been conceiving as having a congested tangle of vines in the background of the center linking the two halves and making what felt like a counter movement to the rest of the work.

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Well, come to find out, I had switched the two pieces, and they really linked up better with the busier, denser places on the far left and right side now.  Then the center is the open space.   Still in a somewhat early stage, but …

WAY BETTER!  Who knew?  But it was a nice serendipitous moment.  The kind that comes when you are just acting on impulse…  the good kind.

Which version do you like?  It’s early in the working life of this piece, so I expect lots of changes!

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