Back in the Art Saddle Again…

After a summer that was broken into public art project painting, and trips every two months out to visit my mom in California, I am officially back!

Upcoming, there are two events that have my work included.

The first is an annual silent art exhibit/auction that I have been part of for a good 7 years.

The Legacy Land Trust is a small but powerful local organization here in Larimer County that has helped dozens of landowners set aside acreage in conservation easements. Some of the property is in agricultural production, some is wildlife habitat, all of it is stunningly beautiful.   And, in this part of Colorado, if not for organizations such as LLT, and some local government/lottery money, much of this could have disappeared in the future.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .

The second event is the second annual invitational art show and sale, at the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art (the historic old post office building where my studio can be found!)

As soon as I get them all together, I will post some final images of my transformer cabinets!

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