Dodging the bullet, yet again (on a 98º day)

I am counting up the number of times that my studio has been in the proximity of sudden downpours/floods/roof leaks…. and I think it’s about 5. At least three in the current location.
One of the perks of working in a historic building is the unique character of the place… real brass fittings on the casement windows, old marble in the bathroom, high ceilings, solid plaster and stone walls… it used to be the post office….
but…. the downside of working in a historic structure is that you never know when something is going to go haywire.
Just a couple days ago, an air conditioning unit on the roof blew a compressor, and consequently leaked water into the rooms below, and into the basement level as well.
I’m down the hall and dodged it.
A few years ago, the bathroom right behind my studio had a pipe burst- and water went into my neighbor’s studio, soaked the floor, and also poured into the main gallery below… my studio . . . nada.
The back stairway has leaked, another earlier AC leak went into the rooms next to my former spot in the building, even the 100 year flood, when I rented a space across town, and the rain poured down a driveway and under my door-
only an inch of water to mop up- but no big problems.
I am like a cat with 9 lives, only they are keeping me and my work dry so far.
(knockin on wood here)

Started a couple new pieces yesterday- really just a few lines with paint to get me in the mode to jump in.

I’m busy finishing up the last two remaining large ones, thinking I’ll be home more after my husband gets his heart valves worked on this summer. Now, since it’s so hot, I’m going to go find some water …. to jump into!

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