Dali in Loveland

well, his woodcut illustrations for the Divine Comedy are. I haven’t been painting much in the last couple of days,  (daughter tore her ACL skiing a few days ago) but found some parts of this exhibition intriguing.  Really enjoyed the wonderful illustrations done for Alice in Wonderland that were in a display case, and the photographs by Phillipe Halsman of the artist- or his mustache in some cases.

Anyway- back to Dali- don’t care for his work much, but was pleased to see some simpler very poetic work, with beautiful line. It actually seemed like his  distortion of reality or dream like images were better suited to the Alice in Wonderland story.
plus- I found these “Three Rules” from Halsman’s book The Creation of Photographic Ideas….
The rule of unusual technique
The rule of the added unusual feature
The rule of the missing feature
– I am particularly intrigued by the second two.

Also saw a great production of The Glass Menagerie by Open State Theater here in town.
Wow- all the various production elements so well done: set design/lighting/sound-  and lovely acting.
It made me want to find a copy of the play as written, because some of the dialogue made you want to remember the lines… sharp and funny as it is poignant.

Have another couple of large paintings done, so will add them to the Vine Paintings page soon.

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