facebooking in the new year

yup- I guess I waited a respectful amount of time to let the youngsters have their say, but then my daughter informed me (with a note of indulgent disdain) that everyone’s parents are doing it, so it seemed like the time to jump in.

The ironic discovery is that so many people from my graduate school and other past lives are to be found this way, and I was really happy to reconnect with this virtual art group, having never really found a similar experience where I now live.

Maybe it has something to do with a shared language or experience of what it meant to be truly committed to thrashing around and finding a unique voice- don’t know.

It also has made me look back and evaluate some of the choices I’ve made career-wise, and learn that I can perhaps resurrect myself one more time (at least).

Even if we had our insecurities early on, back there in the Midwest, we were not prone to indulge in them at the expense of others. No one seemed overly needy and we all supported each other’s efforts.  Everyone embodied ambition for the work, more than for its own sake.  I truly admire the paths these people have taken, and the integrity with which they have traveled.

(I just have to make sure it doesn’t become a huge time suck!)

I also have to decide when to make a move with the newest body of work.

Still starting new paintings!

Is the world still contracting and reeling? or are people ready to expand and add more painting to it, build new environments and reconfigure older ones?  Soon we shall see.

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