Is that digital?

for a couple of weekends before Christmas I had a studio sale / open house… met some lovely people, and sold a few pieces.
One large painting that is now finished was sitting in the studio, and a woman came in to admire it, and asked me, “is that digital?”

Me, standing there with a puzzled expression on my face…. she, trying to explain that she had just seen some other work in town that was so beautiful, and on canvas, that she thought it was a painting…. and of course it was a digital image printed on canvas. It deceived her into thinking it was something else. So, of course, she was now thinking that this must be commonplace, and if you see lovely images/colors, and they are on a canvas, they might be digital images…. never mind that you are in the studio of a person who paints, and my work isn’t that realistic.

Talk about a teachable moment!
and one of my few pet peeves- the trend in recent years for anyone with a high-end digital camera, photoshop and printer, the time and money to travel to exotic looking places, and the strong inclination to self-promote to be putting out these images on canvas in any quantity they feel like.
The lines just get too soft and the general public gets too confused and thinks they are holding something of great value – cuz it’s on canvas?

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