Guerilla painting

Actually, no- this is not going to mention Jane Goodall again. (she studied Chimps anyway)

Back in November, Sarah and Carl Judson were kind enough to put a post in their painting blog about me…

and I thought any of you who are painters would want to know about them as well. They write about lots of other artists, and events.

I met Carl, because of our mutual connection to Jane Clark and the Legacy Land Trust, and of course because we were both (at the time) on-site painters. He’s a rancher and painter who has been involved in canning and irrigation projects in South America.  Sarah is an accomplished potter, and now does water colors.

And most impressively, they have built a business designing and selling tools and supplies for plein air painters.  I remember when it started with simple boxes that could store finished panel paintings!

Check out their store website

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