Let’s hear it for lemon curd!

Just back from a trip to California, land of Trader Joe’s… and because I have a fondness for lemon curd, and other goodies, the TSA folks were very busy with my luggage.  Lemon curd is such a sprightly treat, kind of like eating the filling from a meringue pie. There is just something that comes over me when I walk into a Trader Joe’s store.  For one thing, they have pretty pure ingredients in most of their products, and they are cheap!  I had gathered up 7 jars – including pumpkin butter, cranberry-apple butter…. yum! So they had cause to be suspicious I guess.

Also loaded up on various boxes of pumpkin bread mix, and pumpkin pancake mix.


So, going through security, I had my carry-on searched. And when I opened my suitcase that I’d checked, they left me a little note saying they searched that too. Rumors to the contrary, I don’t think we are getting one of their stores in Colorado anytime soon. 😦

It was lovely to see a few old high school friends, and also go visit the ocean.

It was a week out of the studio though, so I’ve been happy to get back to the painting again.

a new unnamed piece 28x42

Oh yeah, and it’s been snowing for a couple days.

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