Updates- ArtistsRegister link now up

Ahhhhh … finally, you can also find me on the ArtistsRegister website, via the link in the right hand column. For some reason, the renewal took several weeks, rather than the 5 days they state, but they might be kind of understaffed.
. . .

Just donated a small painting for a Pathways Hospice fundraiser. I don’t donate to many organizations, and also happen to be a volunteer with this one. Anyway- the fundraising event was a giant wine tasting with great food. It sounded fun to show up and help out- so I went for the clean up crew shift- and there seemed to be lots of opened, mostly full bottles left, so the volunteers scored some really nice wine! But I also got to take all the empties to the recycling center-not a bad trade off though!

I have been working on more paintings and I should have some new images to post soon!

But right now, we are also helping my daughter make her move into Denver, after having all of her stuff at home for almost two months. I volunteered to sew lots of new pillow covers, and simple slip covers for two small chairs, so in between helping her with apartment hunting, etc…. it’s been a bit of a detour. That’s OK- I know I have some momentum built up in the studio and it will greet me when I get back more full time.

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