First Friday – nice evening

Just back from an evening at the studio. Something about summer waning, a long weekend, and more people in town. There were lots of folks through the building for gallery walking.
I don’t do these every month- but for some reason felt like it tonight.
A large, yellow full moon. Pleasant company. I brought in a few paintings that had already been brought home to hang on my walls in the FCMOCA building.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and wanted to talk about the work. Painting is a very solitary habit/passion/practice… so it’s nice to catch up with old friends every now and then – and meet new ones!

One thought on “First Friday – nice evening

  1. Hey Nanci!

    Really enjoying your blog! So nice to hear your voice in your writing and see examples of the new work. Exciting to see how the images move back and forth from complex to simple and elegant, and the color shifts are lovely to see. Always a deep subtlety.

    Thanks for sharing this work. Makes me want to paint.

    :o) Sue

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