Duplication and other end of summer thoughts

Trying to catch up with the art-biz/organizational stuff. I just renewed the Artists Register page…. this time with only one image to save some money.  It should be active in a week or so, and I figure duplicating the ways folks might find me is a good thing!

I also thought of this concept re: our summer gardening activities.

there's still hope!

Since we had a very cold, rainy spring/early summer, with the attendant hail storms…. things got off to a really slow start.   So, I’m really glad that I signed us up for a CSA. That’s a community supported agricultural share, whereby we pay some money up front and get veggies every week!  From a local organic farm. We have certainly been eating more greens and beets and other good things!  But, my own garden only had peas, some beans coming on and in the case of tomatoes – here’s what I have so far – two green globes and it’s already Sept. 3!   So, in this case, I’m glad we duplicated our own efforts with support for a local farm.

Speaking of duplication…  there have been a series of temporary residents under our deck- not sure if one is the permanent resident and the other the sub-letter. The skunks and raccoons make appearances in unexpected ways. Some nights, it’s the little black critters with white stripes- although thankfully they didn’t seem to carry a wafting odor with them.  Other nights, I hear something banging around the cat’s water dish, and see muddy paw prints on the deck in the morning – and I know it’s been the raccoons out there!

Here’s one I caught the other evening. . .   peeking over the steps.P1010090

More paintings are cooking in the studio as well.  My next task is to redo the pages of this website with images into thematic categories rather than by year! But, no surprise, I’d rather be doing other things instead of sitting in front of a computer, shuffling images and downloading!

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