yay…another painting

I just finished this one yesterday, after tweaking the stems a bit.

The genesis of this piece was a simple line drawing of a vine, and then I improvised on the flowers.  Ironically, some paintings have been lurking around the studio for over a year, being reinvented and fussed over, so it’s a welcome relief to start one that moves along to completion without so much angst.

There are changes of course, and reworking, color shifts, etc…

but the basic idea didn’t take a 180 like occasionally happens.

We just got back from seeing Melissa Etheredge in person- playing at the local

autumn wingding here in town called New West Fest. Maybe it’s from all those hours in the studio, but I can still stand on pavement for an hour without my knees complaining too much-  whoo hoo

About nerskine

I've been a painter for over 30 years. I also draw and make monotypes, linocuts and other prints. I like tangled stuff.
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One Response to yay…another painting

  1. Jane says:

    I just discovered this and love it. Looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco. Jane

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