keeping up with …

well, if you have tried to click on the artists register link, you know that it is not operating at the moment.  I got an email notice not too long ago, apparently my subscription had expired without me knowing.

So, now I decide if it’s worth the $75 a year to basically repeat what I have here.

I guess I’ll go ahead and do it, but it takes a week or so to go live after putting things up for “review.”

I also just finished straightening up my resume in the document form at least, in preparation for getting the aforementioned promo packets together.

One of the coolest things I finally learned how to do, not that it was that complicated, was to print CD labels with a full color image background and type on them.

They look rather spiffy and professional.P8120007

Which is the idea.

Also trying to keep up with this site, although I understand that it takes a while to drive traffic this way- but hopefully more folks will come and visit.

For fun- just took my daughter’s cruiser bike out for a spin.

She just moved home for a month or so, before getting her own place, and it was interesting to merge her small household into ours again somewhat.

Let’s just say there are lots of boxes and bags of stuff in our basement now!

And there wasn’t even that much furniture involved this time!

It made me remember the days when my husband and I were rather nomadic and big proponents of Victor Papanek’s ideas on nomadic furniture. I remember things made out of corregated cardboard, and constructed so they either came apart or would compact, or you could make more in a new location…

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