stretching before work

Lots going on- including bringing home another finished painting, which I will post soon.  Actually, I want to reorganize the pages with work on them so they are in categories that make more sense, rather than doing it by year.

While I procrastinate about doing that,


pulled out some canvasses to see about starting something new… and realized they were wonky and out of square- hey who did these, oh yeah, I did but obviously wasn’t being careful enough.  We’re not talking major parallelogram but off by a half inch or so on a big one, but I could see it really easily. So ripped a couple off the stretchers and started over. Also did another half dozen of other dimensions while I am at it.   I think if I am going to show up for First Friday, I will spend the time slapping gesso on these.  It always seems like such a time suck to hang out and watch people look at my studio for a few hours, so it feels better to be getting something accomplished while I socialize.

p1000955Here you can see just what I get myself into – the brown painting, that has no name yet, looks like this now. 30 x 28, and has a lot going on.  I love to torture myself this way!  No actually, it is a series of very engaging problems to figure out. The result feels circular in composition and has a lot more movement, which I like.

beginning - yup it's the brown painting

I obviously wanted to create more density and layers and find my way through the piece.

(here it is in a beginning state)

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