Hope Springs infernal

my brave little peas
my brave little peas

I promise – this is the last picture of snow I want to see here…. c’mon, it’s almost the end of April!  But this just means I am not distracted by delightful gardening chores, when I really should be painting!

The possible metaphors are easy here….. persistence in the face of less- than-friendly circumstances /

plodding along no matter what . . .


I’m very lucky not to be stuck out on a closed freeway.

I am persisting in working on larger paintings that are turning out to be very fascinating, but labor and time intensive…. in the hopes that they will find homes later –

Last year, I was fortunate to sell work to decorators and art consultants and, even though things have certainly slowed down in the hospitality and building/remodeling sectors, eventually the rooms will need new art work, and projects will go forward that have been stalled.  In a few months, I will be sending out packets to a select group of said art consultants, and jog their memories so they know I’m still here, still working, propagating new work!

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