Work is always in progress…

Back from a quick visit to California and my little family. Originally, I had thought I would get a shot of the show up at DIA, but that didn’t happen….. the good part of this is that I actually had my camera with me for a change when wandering around and seeing plants that don’t appear much in my home environment.  Like these incredible ivy vinesp1000867 that I jogged past one day- they must be pretty old… in places you could see these chunky branches that had grown into and become part of the chain-link fence! I love this kind of thing.

And while I was at it (fortunately the house was vacant and for rent)  I poked the camera lens  through the fence and found the trees behind the vines…. nice.                                       p1000875

In the meantime, back in the studio, I have a painting going that seems closely related to these layered magical places….. it’s taking shape nicely so far.

new work in the works .... 36 x 40 oil
new work in the works .... 36 x 40 oil

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